Where To Start When You’re Overwhelmed

“I have so many troubles I’m about to die.”
Have you been in this mood recently? You may not feel like close to death but you have waves of desperate thoughts, panic, feelings of being stuck and numb, not seeing any steps in front of you and your thoughts always go back to one point: you have no money and you don’t know what to do.
I chose the above quotation from Psalms, chapter 88, verse 3/4 because it so sharply describes the state of mind of those being in debt or short of money.
Okay, situation acknowledged – would be difficult not to – but ‘What should I do?’, you ask.
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Take a step back and count your blessings, be grateful for things you have!
If you write a gratitude journal, add new points in there, if you don’t, well, perhaps this is the right time to start one. Or spend a few minutes in silence and think to yourself what the good things are in your life.
  • Do you have family you love and who love you?
  • Do you have friends?
  • Do you have a job (no matter how bad)?
  • Do you still have roof over your head?
  • Do you have any food in your fridge or cupboard?
  • Is there anyone who is happy when see you? (and yes, your pet counts, too!)


Be warned though. Your mind will keep going back to point out you have no money and you are in the red. Before, after and in the midst of every single thought that you want to spend counting your blessings. Don’t let it! Remind yourself, consciously and constantly, that in these 3-5 minutes you are focusing on good. The positive. The ‘having’ and not the lacking.

But we don’t want to cheat and lie to ourselves, do we?


So give yourself time to cry, feel desperate, down and sad. Don’t sink in sorrow though. If you feel you are unable to bear the seriousness of your situation, let those tears roll. Beat the cushion. Give a tantrum. Don’t sink in it though. Give yourself 15 minutes to let out everything and then stop. Stand up and tight all your muscles at the same time (your face as well) as much as you can, then release. Repeat a couple of times.
If you still feel tense, stand with your feet apart slightly, raise both your hands in the air. As you start bending your knees to a squat, move your arms in a big semicircle behind you. As you stand up, raise your arms back above your head. Keep your arms straight and your moves dynamic.

These exercises help with panic and anxiety. For some strange reason, our body can release the tension by tightening muscles, and large, circular motions – especially in the arms – switch off that anxiety mode in our stomachs. The former can be easily used in a workplace, before an interview or other nervous situations, you just need a restroom. (It is advisory to close the door on you, otherwise a colleague may call the ambulance on you! 🙂 )

‘And what to do with those bills?’, you say, ‘Wasn’t there something about the bills?’

Yes, after we eliminated the constant stress and anxiety, we’ll take a look at it.


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