The Question That Is Often Asked When On A Minimalist Journey part 2

Hello. My name is Vuka and I am an Aspiring Minimalist.

{“H e ll o   V u k a” – crowd echoes.}

So here’s this thing, this minimalism. I love the idea.
‘Why?’, you may ask.

I love the image of a clean and tidy home. I love the idea of having things that are enough (and no more, only enough. Because ‘enough’ is enough.) I love the prospect of a life where I can let go of items that I don’t like but I feel I should and as such, I keep them deep in a drawer or under a pile of other stuff just to avoid the guilt and the hassle it causes me to keep them, the hassle to let go of them because “what would X.Y. think if they learnt I got rid of it”. (Because, please tell me, I’m not the only one with this thought, am I?!)

I believe nothing can help you better start a process, a new period, a new phase of your life than answering the question ‘Why?‘.

Answering this single question can get your focus in the right place, can help your ever-chaotic thoughts to calm down and see the way in front of you, which helps you stay focused and dedicated throughout your journey, no matter how hard, long or demanding it will be. (It’s like looking through a straw. Or a small hole on a newspaper. Try it. It’s fun.  🙂 )

So. Why?

  • I want a home that is clean and not only clean but easy to keep clean.
  • I want a home that is there for me to make me relaxed, let me chill and recharge (and not to trick me into guilt.)
  • I want a home where I could will invite people in the spur of the moment and not weeks ahead (so that I have enough time clean it up and tidy, khm…, that is.) NB: OK, that’s because I’m not only an aspiring minimalist but a messy one, too.
  • I want a home that lets me do what I enjoy anytime and not only as a reward after I tidied up and cleaned.  (Guess how often I do what I enjoy? Not often enough, the least to say. Just how sad is that?)
  • I want to let go of negative emotions linked to certain items I own.  Also,
  • I want to let go of certain items I own without having bad feelings about it.
  • I want to introduce more interaction with people to my life.
  • I want to ‘experience/feel’ as opposed to ‘own/have’.
  • I want to feel free.

Of course, these are only my why’s. There can be many other and somewhat different reasons why someone would go down on the minimalist route like Alice after the white rabbit (and eventually find more curious things that she ever dare think of!). But if you feel any of the above resonates with you the slightest, I hope you join me on my journey and we can share our ideas and experiences!

Why do you want to choose minimalism? What makes it appealing to you?

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