Where To Start When You’re Overwhelmed – part 2

So… you already know how you feel (devastated, down, desperate) and learnt some techniques to fight off the panic that sets in any time a Direct Debit is due, the deadline for the rent/mortgage is coming up, someone knocks on your door, or generally you need to part with your money.

Positive thoughts, affirmations are good things, however, they won’t help you when it comes to paying.

What can you do when your account is pretty much empty and you still have bills left to pay, there are DDs bouncing back creating you bank charges, late payment fees, etc? What to do when you don’t know what to do?

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Where To Start When You’re Overwhelmed

“I have so many troubles I’m about to die.”
Have you been in this mood recently? You may not feel like close to death but you have waves of desperate thoughts, panic, feelings of being stuck and numb, not seeing any steps in front of you and your thoughts always go back to one point: you have no money and you don’t know what to do.
I chose the above quotation from Psalms, chapter 88, verse 3/4 because it so sharply describes the state of mind of those being in debt or short of money.
Okay, situation acknowledged – would be difficult not to – but ‘What should I do?’, you ask.
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