Hey everyone,

I’m a Hungarian 30-something staying in Glasgow who have lived in 3 different countries throughout my life (her life. But she is I. Aye.). Given that I never ever wanted to step out of my home town, I consider this a big change. It wasn’t something I deliberately and intentionally planned and executed, it rather ‘happened‘ to me. I don’t mind though. I’ve learnt a great deal about other cultures, societies and people, and about myself.

The past 5 and 1/2 years spent in Scotland brought lots of changes for me. Not only was I diagnosed with depression, I had to deal with redundancy, temp jobs, good salaries and even better salaries. I could have considered myself well-off. Could have. As in if I had paid attention where my money had been and where it was going. But, yeah, you guessed it right, I didn’t. When I finally realize the importance of budgeting, saving regularly, living (well) below my means, I was on a short but well-paying contract, renting a 2-bedroom tenement flat with a front garden. And girls, I did manage my finances, saved, batch-cooked, etc.!

But that certain brown material hit the fan and squirt me. Big time. I decided to take time off of work, for a couple of months. That, somehow, evolved into an almost-a-year-without-working situation and by the time I started job hunting, there weren’t too many positions out there.

When I found a part-time role in financial services/banking, I was so happy as I thought this would be the greatest and smoothest way to get back to the working life of a professional.

Could have I been any wronger! (Wronger? Is this a word? Well, now it is. If twerking and selfie can make into the dictionary, wronger can definitely do.)

However, it’s not about the work. It’s about the money. (Who’d have thought?!) Being not exactly my level and area of work, the salary is at half of my usual rate and I spend working only less than half of my time!

And now, almost in June, I hit rock bottom. I’m broke. I’m in the red. And can’t really see the woods for the tree.


I believe there is always a way to change, to improve, to go a different length. This blog should help not only me to figure out myself and my ways but to encourage others, living in the UK or elsewhere in the world, to face their fear, hide their insecurity (for a while to pretend confidence) and dare change.

Because if you don’t like the way you’re going, you have to GET OFF THE PATH.