Rural to Urban | HOW TO – Basic Supply Kit For A Move

guidelines and AP for a moveWhen the DAY finally comes, you’re all packed and ready to go!

But to make your move really smooth, you shouldn’t forget about what I call “a basic supply kit“. That is all those things that you need immediately or pretty soon after you move in and before you have a chance to unpack.

What should a Basic Supply Kit contain?

*prenote: it is advisory to pack your BSK in a bag as opposed to a box*

» toilet paper AND
» hand towel
» towel (1 for each person)
» toothbrushes, toothpaste
» deodorant, moisturizer, razor, shaving foam
» soap/body wash, body lotion
» mug
» cutlery (1 spoon+fork+knife/person + 1 knife to cut bread)
» plate/bowl (1 for each person)
» pair of scissors (see prenote ⇑ don’t tape your scissors in a box 🙂 )
» pj’s, slippers
» quick snacks, refreshment (coffee, tea)
» medicines
» pet bowls (and a handful of dried pet food)
» mobile AND charger
» bus or train pass / driving licence and car keys
» KEYS to the new house
» a rag/tea-towel to clean up spills

What else would you add to your own BSK?

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