Rural To Urban – Can Moving Houses Be Other Than A Nuisance?

guidelines and AP for a moveIf you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, it may not come as news to you that I’m soon moving. What you probably don’t know that I’m moving from a village to a large city.

Living in a city is not unfamiliar for me, given I’ve lived most of my life in cities -in Hungary, in India and in Scotland. How did I end up in a small village of ~1,300 inhabitants? Let’s keep that as a topic for an upcoming post and focus on the move itself now.

It is not so much the urban lifestyle that I’m moving into what makes my next move a big one, rather that I’m not only changing houses but a place itself as well.

My move to the village was not too smooth, so to say, and now I’m determined to make this one a bliss! Or at least not such an awkward and uncomfortable experience… 😉

I guess we can all agree  that the removal process is none’s favourite spare-time activity. All those things to sort, wrap, pack, all those boxes to keep track of,  let alone all the hassle with the administrative tasks!

And it doesn’t even end here,

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